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Which is the most romantic city of Germany?
The oldest University of Germany
University Library
Germany´s oldest university library is considered to be one of the best scientific libraries of Germany. She dates back to the 14th century, to the year of the foundation of the Heidelberg University in 1386. The latest university ranking gave her rank two just behind the state library of Goettingen.
The Staufer-Year 2010/2011 and the University of Heidelberg Library
The Staufer are one of the most significant sovereign families of the Medieval. From 1138 till 1190 the German Emperors and Kings were Staufer. Especially well-known became Emperor Frederic I. Barbarossa, 1152 – 1190. In his times the oldest love-songs – so called Minnesongs - which we know nowadays - were compiled in the flowering time of the Staufen-Classic.
Heidelberg Bibliotheca Palatina now is online
The Library of the Heidelberg University finished digitalizing 848 German language handwritings. With this one of the most precious collections of German language Medieval and modern-times handwritings are now available in Internet.
The oldest University of Germany – Students life in Heidelberg
The Heidelberg University, the Ruperta Carola or Ruprecht-Karl-University is the oldest university of Germany. She was founded in 1386 by Prince Elector Ruprecht I. At that time the buildings were scattered all over the town and nearly all were destroyed in 1693. Prince Elector Johann Wilhelm...
Heidelbergs famous Student Pub and Inn „Zum Roten Ochsen” – “Red Ox Inn”
Entering the pub through the narrow door, you indeed will find more than just an inn. You will encounter an institution of vivacious happiness, which has as well formed the face of Heidelberg as University Town. The house was erected in 1703. It is since 170 years...

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