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Which is the most romantic city of Germany?
Russians in Heidelberg
Heidelberg the cradle of the Russian Revolution?
At the beginning of September 1862 the Russian Minister of Education Eufili Wasilivich Putiatin visited Heidelberg. He was very worried, because it “bubbled” in the heads of Russian students: The tradition of German student’s corporations was very popular in Russia as well and spread very quickly. Before Putiatin came to Heidelberg he had tried to prohibit those student´s corporations in Russia.
Russian Scientists in Heidelberg
It was in the 19th century, when the famous Russian Botanic and Plant Psychologist Kliment Timirjazev called Heidelberg “the Mecca of the Russian Natural Science”. After 1840 – such he wrote – there existed two important magnets in Eastern Europe for all Russians: London as center for revolution...
A small story on real mens friendship and true love: Mendeleev, Borodin and Sechenov
From the encyclopaedia: «Dimitrij Ivanovich Mendeleev, Russian Chemist, born 1834 in Tobolsk/Siberia, put up in 1869 the Periodical System of the Elements independent from Lothar Meyer. He called it “periodical conformity”. It allowed a tabular order...
A story on the Heidelberg Literature Dispute between Russian scientists and classics of Literature: Sofia Kovalevskaja and Ivan Turgenev
Sofia Vasilevna Kovalevskaja, born Korvin-Krukovskaja, 1850 – 1891, met her later husband, the Russian professor of zoology Vladimir Kovalevski, here in Heidelberg. Only by her marriage and the relations of her spouse she received the permission to study and such could attend the university lectures as the first woman ever.

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