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Which is the most romantic city of Germany?
The most famous ruin of Germany
Together with the Acropolis in Athens, the Alhambra in Granada, the Palais of Versailles near Paris and the Bavarian Castle of Newschwanstein, the ruin of the Heidelberg Castle is the most popular sightseeing attraction of Europe. More than 3.5 million tourists visit Heidelberg each year, to see and experience the world famous castle ruin with their own eyes. For me each stone tells a story and an episode. That is why I may tell You numerous stories on the castle and the little streets and alleys of the Old Town. But it is most important, that You take enough time to stay and enjoy them.
Several centuries Heidelberg served the Electors of the Palatinate as residence and ancestral seat. The place is unique here at the crossing of the castle and the mountain road on the romantic river Neckar, where in former times the Celts and the Romans settled. The traces of those peoples are still to be seen on many places.
During the 19th century many famous Russian scientists, artists, writers and musicians lived and worked here in Heidelberg. I very much would like to offer you a special tour on those most interesting people.
From Heidelberg you may start into the picturesque Neckar valley where you may see and visit numerous ruins of medieval castles. Fortunately this route is not so well known to most of the tourists like the Rhine valley from Mainz to Cologne. That is why you may relax here and visit the many sightseeings with leisure and without much disturbance.
Not to forget the Mannheim Palais. Since 2007 the precious Beletage is renovated and open for visitors. As licensed city guide of the State Garden and Castle Administration of Baden-Wuertemberg I would be glad to accompany you and tell you many thrilling stories on the castle and its inhabitants.
Heidelberg, Neckar Valley, Mannheim and surrounding is a still undiscovered region for Russian guests. In case you intend to make your friends, business partners or relatives from the Russian speaking areas a unforgettable present, then come to this region of Germany and get in contact with me!

With me you may book the following tours:

City Tour through the Old Town with her picturesque lanes, alleys, squares and medieval churches;
City Tour through the Old Town and the world famous castle grounds, German Pharmacy Museum;
Holy Mountain – on the traces of the Celts and the Romans;
Famous Russians in Heidelberg: Scientists, Artists, Writers and Musicians;
Heidelberg Beer Brewery Tradition: Beer Seminar with beer tasting;
Museum of the Palatinate: History of the Palatinate and the sovereigns;
Tour by car along the Neckar Valley and visit of medieval castles;
Germany`s oldest University with Student Prison, University Library and University Hospitals;
Wine tasting at one of the renowned Wine cellars of the region;
Culinarical trip through a typical Heidelberg student tavern.

The Town – formerly and nowadays;
The glamour halls of the Mannheim Palais;
Mannheim: Winter Residence and main City of the Prince-Electors of the Palatinate in the XVIII Century.

Schwetzingen: historical Summer Residence of the Prince-Electors of the Palatinate in the XVIII Century: Castle and Barockgarden

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