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Individual Excursions
During my regular excursions I often am approached by passers-by who listen to the Russian language and ask me, whether I would also make excursions for only two or three persons. No matter at all – I will do it with pleasure and often this leads to friendships between my guests and myself.

Sometimes I as well am engaged as translator and agent for medical consultations at the Heidelberg University Hospitals or just for shopping tours.

On request you may have information material in case you or your kids are interested to study at the Heidelberg University.

With the individual excursions I especially stress the point that the route of my excursions and my explanations are matching the interest and the wishes of my guests.

The individual excursions do not differ much from the group excursions. But I do like to show my guests of the individual excursions my favorite corners of the city, which normally tourists do not get to known.

For individual tours there are the following possibilities:

The old city with its picturesque lanes, squares and medieval churches: I will show you the Church of the Holy Ghost, with grave stones of the Prince Electors of the Palatinate. The twin towers – a landmark of the town – are a remnant of the medieval fortress, exactly as the Marstall – the horse stables of the Prince Electors. I will relate of the oldest German University and from the free life of the students. On request I will show you the “studentkarzer”, the historic University prison. Together we will visit the Jesuits Church, the St. Peters Church and the University Library. Many interesting names and epochs I will mention during my excursions - let yourselves be surprised!

It is your choice to choose the duration of the excursion. At the end of it I would like to give you special insider-tips, for example which museums are especially worth seeing, where you can eat good and prize worthy, where you could find good entertainment and which souvenirs you can buy for taking home.

World-famous Heidelberg Castle: Visiting the most famous castle ruin of Germany you will look at the castle from uncommon points of view and will listen to stories which are not related to groups: Those stories I keep for my special guests! But for sure you will listen to many specialties. Visiting the courtyard and its surrounding buildings you will listen to a lot about the Prince Electors of the Palatinate. I will show you the biggest wine barrel of the world and we will visit Germany´s Pharmacy Museum. On the balcony of the castle you will have a breathtaking view on the old city of Heidelberg and the vast plain of the rivers Neckar and Rhine. In the castle park I will relate you about the Hortus Palatinus, the eighth wonder of the world of the 17th century. I will tell you of the tragical love story of Prince Elector Frederick V. and the English Princess Elisabeth Stuart and show you the Elisabeth’s Gate, which was erected in one night as birthday present for his beloved fiancée. Booking this interesting excursion you and your guests may decide whether you want to go up the castle by food or use the oldest but most modern funicular. Duration and course of the tour you may decide by your own.

Germanys oldest University: In the old town I will tell you in details the history of the University, which may be connected with a visit of the University museum and the “studentkarzer”, the University prison. At the University Library I will present you the most precious exhibition object - the world famous book Codex Manesse. At the University Church St. Peter I will show you the grave plates of very famous University Professors - this visit you may possibly connect with an organ concert. And at the end of this excursion in the old city you may find out by yourselves how excellent the students are taken care of at the students Mensa. You may help yourselves at the lunch or dinner buffet.

In case you are in Heidelberg by car and still have a spare place for me, we may take a short ride to the other side of the river Neckar, the Neuenheim Field, which is the connection between history and the modern time: Here you will see the most modern University Hospitals and research centers such as for example the German Cancer Research Centre and the Max Plank Institute for Medical Research.

Famous Russians in Heidelberg: I will tell you a lot about Russian scientists, artists, writers and musicians, who during the 19th century enriched the social life in Heidelberg to a big extend. You will hear funny and sad stories about Mendeleev, Pirogov, Borodin, Sechenov, the married couple Kovalevsky, Turgenev, Rimski-Korsakov, Mendelsson-Bartholdy and many other well known personalities – not to forget the Russian Czar Alexander I. The duration of this excursion is on your own request.

New: Museum of the Palatinate: The oldest museum of the region, which just celebrates its 100 years jubilee, shows a lot of interesting and precious exposures, which I will present you together with interesting stories. The history of the Romans and the Celts, the medieval history of the golden age of the Palatinate, the modern times and the industrializing of the region, as well as the democratic movement will be brought to your attention. The excursion takes 1.5 hours.

A trip through the Neckar Valley: In Heidelberg ends the so called “Castle Road”, which in medieval times connected South Germany with Bohemia and which started at Prague. The picturesque valley of the river Neckar is embellished by numerous mysterious ruins of medieval castles – and each ruin has of course its own ghosts and phantoms. In the course of our car trip along the banks of the river Neckar I will relate you many interesting stories and legends. On request I can offer you different routes. Whether you prefer a 3 hours trip or an all-day excursion is completely up to you. You even may decide this on the very day of the excursion. Do not hesitate to ask me for suggestions on possible objects for sightseeing.

But this tour can only be booked when you have a car at your disposal. On request I will help you with pleasure as agent. For special events you may even rent a limousine. I also can provide you with information in which castles you could book rooms.

Visit together with me Dilsberg, a small fortress from the years 1150 to 1200 on the top of a mountain with a great view of the snakelike river Neckar valley. The place surrounded by medieval fortress walls, kept its special charm and ancient way of living through centuries. If you like we certainly may prolong the route and pay a visit to the castle of Hirschhorn - a big castle area which in1959 was extended into a hotel and sightseeing restaurant. The route to Dilsberg and back to Heidelberg takes about 4 hours, the route to Hirschhorn and back about 6 hours. In case a lunch will be taken, the tour will be prolonged accordingly.

A trip through Odenwald and the Nibelung’s Street: On the traces of the Wicking God Odin and the non-vulnerable hero Siegfried. By the way – do you know that the famous Nibelung-Saga has its source here in the Odenwald? I very much would like to tell you details during our tour. The exact route of the tour you will be told on request!

New! Mannheim - Town and Castle: Mannheim is the centre of the industrial Rhine-Neckar-Metropolis-Region. During the 18th century the town had its prime time as capital of the Palatinate. In the 19th century Napoleon influenced the development of this region. During a short car trip or ride with the regional train I will make you familiar with Mannheim’s history. In 2007 the Mannheim residence with its precious parade halls was opened to the public following the reconstruction after the destruction of the Second World War. I will lead you through the splendor state halls and make you familiar with the last Prince Elector of the Palatinate. The excursion through the Beletage of the Mannheim Castle takes appr. 1.5 hours.

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