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Which is the most romantic city of Germany?
Famous persons in Heidelberg
Martin Luther in Heidelberg
In Germany the year 2010 has been proclaimed as the “Year of Luther” and Heidelberg with its glorious history will take part in the ceremonies. Such Vera Cornelius, General Manager of Heidelberg Marketing, stated: „Heidelberg was a mile-stone on the way to reformation”. For her this was the reason to become member of the foundation of the so called “Luther-Tour”. This newly concepted travelling route leads diagonal through Germany to 19 places of the reformation.
Mark Twain in Heidelberg
Mark Twain, well known all over the Globe with stories like Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and A Tramp Abroad, was a real fan of the romantic city of Heidelberg. Even in the late 1800s the city in all its entire splendor, deeply impressed one of the greatest writers of the English language.

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