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Germany´s most famous ruin from another perspective: Castle Festivals at the Heidelberg Castle
“Where can summer be more beautiful than on a mild evening at sunset on the Heidelberg Castle? – enthuses Heidelberg´s Lord Mayor Dr. Eckart Würzner. From June 21st till August 10th, the Theatre and the Philharmonic Orchestra again captivates the magic scene, for which our town is so well known all over the Globe – for You”! With just about 100 years the Heidelberg Castle Festivals are one of the oldest culture events in Germany, which attract year by year ten thousands of people from all parts of the World.

Music and theatre performed in a special and magical scene – this is what the Heidelberg Theatre offers since years the Heidelberg citizens and the international guests at the traditional and famous theatre- and music festivals “Heidelberg Castle Festivals”. Each year new event places in the castle are chosen, which are situated in the semi circle of the “Thick Tower”, in the Ottheinrich Building, the Elisabeth Building and in the Castle Chapel. But for this year´s festivals they have chosen something very special: For the first time ever stages were set up in the Castle Park, the former “Hortus Palatinus” and furthermore on the Upper Terrace and on the Spa Terrace with a direct and enchanting view on our Castle. The nowadays Heidelberg Castle Park was in former times as “Hortus Palatinus” one of the most important assemblies of Europe´s garden architecture. Salomon de Caus created this magic park during the years 1614 and 1619 in honor of Prince Elector Frederic V. and his spouse Elisabeth Stuart, Princess of England. At those times it even was considered as the eighth Wonder of the World.

“The Castle Festival is Heidelberg’s most traditional festival and therefore a piece of integrity of this region. As a fact it belongs to the top festivals of the Metropolis Region Rhine-Neckar. The young team around theatre director Peter Spuhler and the celebrated General Music Director Cornelius Meister are proof, how you can wonderfully give new up to date impulses to a great theatre tradition” – Such the words of praise of our Lord Mayor Dr. Eckart Würzner.
The technical expenditure for the preparation was enormous. About 100 technicians worked around the clock for about six weeks, to built and set up the stages and additional places for the performances.

This year enchanted new places in the Heidelberg Castle and its splendid park were included: The new big Garden Stage, the Upper Terrace and the Spa Terrace. The Scheffel Terrace as well was used to prepare an outstanding festival gastronomy. In total evening for evening around 2000 seats for festival attendances are available, to grant the visitors and guests an unforgettable culture event and pampering program for any senses – for seeing, hearing and for tasting.

With the concerts you will meet international stars, like Alison Balsom, who is said to be the best young player of the trumpet in the World. The part of the Prince in the operetta “Student Prince” is taken by the musical star Kevin Tarte.
The umbrella on this big event was taken by Willi Staechele, Minister of Finance of Baden-Wuerttemberg. In his foreword we read: “The Heidelberg Castle Festivals are not only the oldest, the manifold and voluminous festivals of the Metropolis Region Rhine-Neckar, they just belong to the Heidelberg Castle and to a real palatinate summer.”
Around 100 events are on schedule and wait for the enthusiasts of this year´s Heidelberg Castle Festivals.

Free ride to the Heidelberg Castle!

Tickets for events of the Heidelberg Castle Festivals are valid on the day of an event for a free ride to the castle. Four hours before the beginning you can use your tickets for a free ride on all trains on the complete RNV net of the Rhine-Neckar Region - as well as the Heidelberg Funicular up to the station “Castle”. Use this advantage and make yourselves an unforgettable day.

And – should for whatever reason – it not be possible for you to visit Heidelberg in this year – you will again have a chance in the coming year. The Heidelberg Castle Festivals will then are on schedule again from June 26th to August 09th, 2009.

Heidelberg Castle Festivals – Extract of the Program:

Cyrano de Bergerac, romantic tragic comedy by Edmond Rostand
The Barber of Seville, Opera by Giocchino Rossini
The Student Prince, a mythos of Heidelberg, Sigmund Romberg’s Broadway Operetta
The Boys´ Magic Horn. Cheerful evening based on Clemens Brentano and Achim von Arnim
The Dubious Wish for Tenderness, Dance Piece based on Dante´s Heavenly Comedy
Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times – non-speaking film with life orchestra
Homers´ Odyssey. The masterpiece – read in dreamlike surrounding
Heidi: First performance based on the novel of Johanna Spyri
Wild Roses, Evergreen Songs
Concerts and Song Evenings

Further Details: www.heidelberger-schlossfestspiele.de

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